How to configure SMTP Gmail in Magento 2

Configuring SMTP Gmail to help you send emails is not rejected or in the spam box, increasing the ability to send emails successfully and into the right mailbox of the customer. In this article, I will guide you how to configure SMTP for Gmail in Magento 2.

First you need to have a gmail account and install Magento 2 SMTP Extension. If you have trouble installing, you can use our Magento Installation Service.

Step 1: Gmail account settings

Sign into Gmail, in the right corner of the screen, click See all settings.

see all settings

The settings page appears, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP, enable POP and IMAP then save.

save changes

Go to Manage your Google Account -> Security -> Less secure app access -> Turn on access.

turn on access

Next, turn on Allow less secure apps.

less secure app access

Step 2: Configuration in the SMTP extension

After installing the SMTP extension, log in to the admin page and select the SMTP icon -> SMTP Configurations.

smtp configurations

You install the following:

  • Enable Magetop SMTP: Yes.
  • Host: Click Load Settings will display a table you select Gmail and load settings to be automatically adjusted Port, Protocol accordingly.
  • Authentication: LOGIN.
  • Username and Password: The Gmail password account that you set up in step 1.
config smtp extension

Then, scroll down to the Send Test Email section to try sending a mail to another email address. Enter another Gmail address in the Send To field, then click Test Now.

send test email

If at this step you encounter the error 5.7.14 5.7.14 please log in via your web browser and then try again. 5.7.14 learn more at 5.7.14 w2sm270392pfc.194 – gsmtp, then you need to check the Less secure app access section and change the password then enter Password changed again.

sent success

After sending successfully, please check the email of the other account to check if the email has been sent.

test mail success

Email was successfully sent to the correct mailbox. So I have finished instructions on how to configure SMTP Gmail in Magento 2.

Thank you for reading.

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