Magetop Quick Order Extension Guide

Magetop Quick Order Extension Guide will give you solid understanding of how to use Extension. These Magento 2 tutorials cover back-end and front-end development.

I. Introduction

Magetop Quick Order Extension

Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions help your customers can add a large amount of products to the cart by typing SKU or product name. It makes purchase easier, faster and increase their online shopping experience. Magento 2 Quick Order Extension will appropriate choice for your e-commerce store.

II. How to Configure

Go to Quick Order -> Quick Order -> Configurations.

Go to Quick Order -> Quick Order -> Configurations.
  • Enable: When enabled, you can access the quick order page from <yourdomain>/quick-order/
    • Yes: Enable module.
    • No: Disable module.
  • Show Quick Order on Cart Page: Add products quickly with product name and SKU on Cart Page.
    • Yes: The Quick Shopping table will display on Cart Page.
    • No: The Quick Shopping table will hide on Cart Page.
  • Only search through Simple Products.
  • Number of Lines: The number of lines will appear on the Quick Order table. Admin can create multiple options with ‘;’ between.
  • Autocomplete minimum characters: The minimum number of characters for search suggest drop-down list working.
  • Max results to show: The maximum number of products appears in the search suggest drop-down list.
  • Show the result imported page.
  • Auto search product by Name: Customers can search for products by product name in the Quick Order table.
  • Description Quick Order: Admin can add a description for Quick Order and you can also style it with CSS.

III. How to Use

1. Quick Order Page

Customers can quickly access Quick Order by clicking the ‘Quick Order’ button on the header bar.

First, customers need to select the number of rows of the table to match the number of products they want to order.

Next, the customer selects the product with the code column on the table. Here they can search by Product Name or SKU.

Finally, customers click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to go to the Shopping Cart page and checkout.

In addition, customers can import or download the products of their choice at the Quick Order table.

After clicking the Import button, products in the .csv file will be added and moved to the Shopping Cart page.

6. Import CSV File

2. Quick Order in Shopping Cart Page

Customers can also Quick Order when they are on the Shopping Cart page.

Customers have the flexibility to add products they want to buy with very simple operations.

IV. Concluse

Above is our guide for Magento Quick Order Extension. If you have any questions please boldly contact us. We will help you.

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