3 important features for a successful e-commerce website

This article will outline 3 essential features that sellers need to equip their e-commerce website to provide the best experience for consumers.

Over the past decade, online sales for everything from electronics to fashion to food have skyrocketed. While this trend has gone well, businesses still have to enhance the features of their e-commerce websites to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

The ultimate goal of the online shopping experience is to be as fast, convenient, engaging and personalized as the physical retail experience, or even more so.

To that end, consider the following features for your e-commerce site:

1. Optimize mobile app

Online shopping has become a regular part of our daily routine and has increased dramatically during the pandemic. The fact that people are increasingly using mobile devices is one reason why businesses need to build their own e-commerce applications.

Be a mobile-first to meet customers where they are.

Consumers now expect easy access to websites and apps to view new products and create wish lists whenever and wherever they want.

mobile app

Online sellers should consider mobile their primary channel. That means focusing e-commerce feature design on a more visual experience, with less text, quick access to shopping carts, simple and fast buying procedures, and one-click payment solutions.

Make sure your customers don’t get stuck with poor mobile design, technical glitches, long and complicated forms, or anything else that gets in the way of a simple, fast, and enjoyable shopping experience.

Magetop can help you build mobile apps (for both iOS and Android). Your mobile app will be faster than your website and increase your sales.

2. Sell experiences, not just products

Consumers, among so many options, will only choose to purchase from your online store if it is a simple, fast, and engaging experience.

That’s why you must provide an experience that your customers will enjoy, remember, and are likely to repeat in the future, and recommend to their friends, family, and social networks.

sell experiences

But what really makes this experience?

You must offer captivating and relevant imagery, intuitive and fast navigation, and instant access to comprehensive product information, including dynamic and attractive product visualizations.

How you present your products and company, how you position your brand, and your competitive advantage, all contribute to determining your customers’ views of your business. From there, influence their decision whether your business is suitable for them or not.

Furthermore, if you provide a great experience for your customers, there is a high chance that they will not only be buyers but also true advocates of your brand.

3. Apply artificial intelligence technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence created by humans with the aim of helping computers to automate intelligent behaviors like humans.

apply AI technology

Currently, more and more online users want to find products and content quickly without much effort.

Taking advantage of this trend, online business companies have implemented website improvement projects to best support users. They actively bring advanced technology applications to work such as chatbots, voice search and other AI-powered solutions.

Here are the benefits of applying AI to website development:

  • Make searching faster.
  • Increase interaction with customers.
  • Provide personalized user experiences.

When reaching target customers, marketing methods will become more effective.

Whenever possible, try to surprise customers with new experiences and personalized special offers. This effort will help your brand stand out in the ever-evolving e-commerce market.

Hope you will consider these 3 important features for your e-commerce website in the near future.

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