5 Common Mistakes Every Magento Developer Should Avoid

What is Magento? Magento is an eCommerce development platform that provides free services and helps developers create eCommerce websites using all of the advanced features available, like its famous Magento SEO services. Its exclusive purpose is to help people who aren’t developers create eCommerce platforms. Magento provides users access to track the content and all online business operations. In fact, every business nowadays relies on Magento because of the fact that Magento development is the most acquired and practical eCommerce development approach in the present era. 

Once you sign up for a Magento developmental service, you will be offered various services. Some of these are the ability to choose an attractive domain name, selecting a template, importing products, access the Magento installation package, filling out the settings, and many more. Magento development is one of the easiest and most accessible eCommerce platforms out there. 

However, there are still commonly recurring errors that developers may make, so let us look at those to avoid them if you’re planning on taking up Magento development. 

1. Loading the same model repeatedly

Developers should consider that model load operation is not internally cached and that every time you call load() method, a couple of queries will run against the database. It is important to note that reloading the same model many times will cause performance degradation. 

Sometimes you don’t even require loading the model because you’re not working with the model entity itself.

2. Irregular Backups

Some mistakes can be overlooked and would not necessarily cause a significant impact on the business, but this is one of those mistakes that can cost you a fortune if things go wrong. Hackers and cybercriminals will always be one step ahead of every kind of website security. To put it simply, hackers may even find loopholes in your website if you put in place the highest security standards on your website. This is why it is absolutely crucial for regular and timely backups to prevent hackers from infiltrating your website and wreaking havoc. The best approach is to make daily backups because even if a cybercriminal happens to erase your website data, you’ll have the latest material backed up and ready to restore.

3. Modifying Magento core files 

Magento developers are given a specific amount of time to create and customize a Magento store, and as a result, they generally end up overlooking Magento core files. Very few developers modify Magento core files as an immediate solution to customer customization requirements. Avoid making this mistake since the patchwork development may have long-term effects on the website because of occurring interferences with future Magento upgrades.

To modify core files, create your own and override Model, Controller, Block, etc., using Magento’s class rewrite techniques.

4. Improper SEO Strategy 

SEO strategy and web development are connected because they cannot function without each other. It should be a routine to regularly update your website’s code by removing obsolete codes and incorporating the latest SEO strategies. Remember that trends of the previous year may not always be valid for the current or following years, so it’s crucial that your website remains updated. For instance, voice search is becoming increasingly popular; thus, developmental companies implement it and ensure the website is optimized for voice search.

5. Wrong Magento installation updates

One thing common all Magento developers share in common is that they find Magento website upgrades tedious. Many even make the mistake of not installing all Magento updates in the correct order. To update your store, there are several things to keep in mind, like compatibility of existing themes, data migration, extensions to newer versions, and many more. Making mistakes while updating your website will result in unnecessary downtime and may damage your business. Never skip crucial measures, no matter how minor they seem, because they may affect business progress.

In conclusion

There are certain common mistakes that Magento developers should be aware of and avoid. For starters, avoid loading the same model again and again because this will consequently lead to performance degradation. Another common mistake that is easily overlooked is forgetting to back up your website data. Ensure default backups to keep all data secure. Modifying Magento core files is necessary otherwise, it may have long-term effects on the website due to occurring interferences with future Magento upgrades. SEO services and web development come hand-in-hand, and each cannot exist without the other. Therefore always upgrade your codes and trend that aligns with the trend existing in that timeline. Finally, always ensure you’re careful while installing Magento website upgrades and pay attention to factors like extensions to newer versions, migration of data, etc.

We hope this article has been informative and has enlightened you of certain mistakes to avoid as a Magento developer. Thank you for reading!

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