5 Upcoming Magento Development Trends To Look Forward In 2023

Magento is a massive eCommerce platform with useful features and excellent benefits. It is one of the most preferred frameworks for creating your ideal digital creative E-commerce websites. The digital landscape continues to evolve. Thus, entrepreneurs must stay updated with the latest trends and practices to create and maintain successful online businesses. 

It isn’t possible to predict every trend for the year 2023. However, you can easily tell which of the older trends will continue to be popular in the upcoming years. An entrepreneur must leverage those trends to create an eCommerce website for a business or improve the site to meet modern demands. First, you will need a good Magento development company to fulfill your brand’s needs. Your online relevance is defined by how fast you can keep up with the latest trends, and slacking off will keep you out of the game. 

In this article, we will inform you about the top 5 Magento Development trends to look forward to in the upcoming year of 2023.

1. Smart Search

Smart search features like filtering, autocompletion, and breadcrumbs increase customer retention and encourage website viewers to stay on your website longer and dig deeper. Another smart search function is ‘voice search.’ Voice-enabled options minimize the effort required from searchers and consequently increase the chances of exploring the website and browsing more products and services. In short, any function that makes viewers want to stay on your page longer and dig deeper into the website are smart search functions that are highly likely to stay a trend in 2023. 

2. Push notifications

In marketing, you must keep all the loyal customers up-to-date with the new products, services, and announcements your brand has to offer. The key is to have no expectations that a viewer will search for your products without any prompt, and you must therefore approach them and show them what you want them to search for. There are well-tailored push notifications on mobile applications that do this job effectively and in a creative way. Magento gives custom push notifications that make customers revisit your website whenever there is an update about offers, product launches, discounts, and many more.

3. Mobile friendly

Since the entire world is migrating to smartphones for browsing websites, articles, or online shopping, it’s a good idea to ensure that your website remains mobile-friendly. The user experience on mobile devices matters more than the one on desktops. Mobile commerce accounts for more than 80% of sales and will only rise in the upcoming years. You need to make an attractive and easy-to-use mobile version of your website for mobile users so customers can have a smoother, more efficient experience. 

4. Chatbots

Chatbots’ effectiveness and quick response has attracted many worldwide, so this feature will likely stay in the upcoming years. It is another excellent e-commerce trend and has made the online experience easier for many. According to businesses, chatbots are considered the best alternative to traditional time-consuming customer service mechanisms. Chatbots are now being used more proficiently With the implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to assist and support customers whenever technical issues occur, or they need someone to answer some queries. In 2023, they are expected to become even more innovative as algorithms improve.

5. AR/VR

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) have been widespread across multiple platforms. AR/VR has become significant in eCommerce and changed how people shop online. The virtual turn-on feature is an example of the use of AR/VR in online shopping markets. 

The commercial use of AR/VR is to allow customers to test products virtually or take a virtual tour to check placements, fixations, or positions. For example, if a buyer wishes to find out more about a furniture piece, they no longer need to visit the physical store. Instead, they can get a virtual representation of the table in different positions or at a specific location. It’s a revolutionary technology in web development, and if you apply them to your Magento store, you can provide one of the best customer experiences. It is expected companies will continue to push AR and VR, as seen with the recent PSVR2 released by Sony. 

In conclusion

Smart search is a Magento development trend predicted to flourish in the following year due to its high success rate in the e-commerce sector. Another trend is push notifications, which has always been influential and will continue to be in the future. Since mobile commerce accounts for more than 80% of sales, the mobile usability of websites will dramatically increase. Additionally, chatbots are considered the best alternative to traditional and time-consuming customer service mechanisms and have attracted many worldwide. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also on the list of upcoming trends of 2023 because you can browse through items remotely; developers will improve on this feature even more. 

We hope this article has been insightful and helps you understand upcoming Magento development trends. Thank you for reading!

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