How to Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

Have you ever visited a website that serves you on an error-associated page? You would have probably experienced how frustrating it is to consider it one of the best things you can ever do as a brand that doesn’t meet your target audience’s needs and expectations. As a website visitor, you would have probably viewed an error page when the users were looking for help or information. They won’t get frustrated and lose trust in your brand, permanently damaging your reputation. 

The 504 Gateway Timeout Error is classified as a type of error that can affect the user experience in such a manner. It will assist you in avoiding any loss of brand sentiments and consumer trustworthiness. As discussed, which type of error exactly refers to the common cause and solutions to leverage your website with technical SEO? You need to take the initiative in conducting this activity. In relevant words, 504 errors highlight a different computer, which your website is getting the message on but doesn’t control. But, it mostly relies on and isn’t communicating within a fast-tenured environment. 

How Would You See the 504 Error?

If you are investigating an identical website that allows users to customize how they display “gateway timeout” errors, here are some of the common terminologies that you’ll see one spelled out error:

  • 504 Gateway Terminals
  • HTTP 504
  • 504 ERROR
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout
  • Error with the Gateway Timeout

A 504 Gateway Timeout error is displayed in the internet browser window, identical to how normal web pages work. There would be a website’s standard headers and footers, and the English seemed to be very fluent, or it could show up on all the white pages with a huge 504 at the top. It displays an intuitive and similar message instead of how the website displays it.

Issues with 504 Gateway Timeout Errors

The most common question is what the 504 gateway timeout error means.It refers to whatever the other server is taking so long to time out that its timing is probably down or not working properly. Since this error is based on a network error among the servers hooked up to the internet or any technical issue with the actual server, the issue is usually with your computer, device, or internet connection. Hence, there are various things that you can try in such a case of fixing the HTTP 504 gateway timeout error.

Fixing the HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout Error? 

If you see a 504 gateway timeout error, you may be confused about what you want to do further. The following steps will be required to fix the HTTP 504 gateway timeout error:

  1. Pay Attention to Reloading the Page

 When you actually face the HTTP error 504 gateway timeout, you should first wait a minute and reload the page. Specifically, the hosting or server is meant to be overloaded, and the website will quickly return to work.

In another aspect, you can simply check the status of your website on a particular website. The website will inform you if the site is out of service only for the users of all the esteemed visitors. The tools can easily check the HTTP status code. If the code distinguishes between 2022 and 2021, then in such a case, you will display the printer. It means that the site doesn’t work in every instance for everyone.

  1. Use a different browser

In a particular case, the site may be online, but you’ll still see the HTTP Error 504 Gateway Timeout. You also need to try changes in your browser to other aspects. Also, you must clear the browser cache or use the incognito mode. This can also assist the user in determining if the browser constitutes an error. 

  1. Executed on Multiple Devices

enabling the user to open your site on various computers, networks, or mobile platforms. If nothing can help you fix the Error 504 Gateway Timeout, these steps will assist you in determining if the issue is on the server-side or localized.

1) Disallow the Proxy

Often, you would receive an HTTP 504 error code if you use a proxy server. They are classified as rare in such cases, especially on the client-side. Also, you need to read the guidelines on disabling the proxy on Windows and Mac platforms.

2) Select DNS Records Propagation

Precisely, HTTP Error 504 gateway timeout also has certain causes for certain issues with the DNS server. There are multiple reasons for that on the server-side. It highlights whenever the domain name cannot be changed to the actual IP address. If you’ve transitioned the WordPress site to a new hosting domain, it is important to wait until the address can be easily implemented into the DNS base. In simple cases, it can take up to 24 hours. It also depends on your DNS records’ TTL value. 

Furthermore, you can also use a free tool that includes DNSMap to check whether your DNS has been easily spread across the globe. Secondary DNS issues are related to the client-side. In such cases, you can clear your local DNS cache, which is similar to cleaning the browser’s cache. 

Using Windows, you need to simply open a command line and type the following code interpretations:

Furthermore, you should also display the “successfully finished the DNS Resolver Cache” message. If you are using the Mac, you need to type the following in the terminal:

  • Dscacheutil-flushcache

Note: There are no messages indicating successful functions on Mac OS.

Precisely, you can simply change your client’s DNS servers. By default, DNS servers are offered to your Internet Service Provider by default. It allows users to change them to a public DNS server temporarily. For instance, you are provided with Google. There are some people who tend to use Google’s public DNS consistently for certain cases, and it is very reliable.

3) Temporarily Disable the CDN

Furthermore, since the problem that you would possibly relate to the content delivery network is solved, if you use a third-party CDN provider, you can also try to disable it for temporary purposes. For that specific instance, you may also use the WordPress plugin. Along with them, you will be able to disable the CDN safe, and if you use the back proxy services that include Cloud Flare or Sucuri, they might cause the 504 gateway timeout error as they use the additional firewall.

Most of the 500 state codes are returned by the source server as the users tend to notice the issue in Cloudflare’s free package. Cloudflare is a full-fledged proxy service that offers you the quickest way to disconnect from it. However, before blaming cloudflare, it is important to know that there are multiple types of 504 gateway timeout errors.

4) 504 Gateway Timeout in Cloudflare (Version 1)

If you want a similar page, such as in that case, the issue is on the Cloudflare side. You can also contact their agent and customer support or check their status on pages. They have already been notified of such a problem and are working together. 

5) 504 Gateway Timeout in Cloudflare (Version 2)

If you display a page appearance such as the above one, there is a problem with your WordPress hosting provider. Hence, the users can simply follow the recommendations in the next steps.

6) Identify the issues with your hosting service provider.

The servers tend to encounter some issues that are one of the common reasons why the users expose 504 errors on their WordPress site. In some terminologies, Nginx, or Apache, waits for a detailed response until the waiting time frame has expired.

504 errors are considered one of the essentials on sites with a lot of site visitors, online websites, and online stores. Another one may have installed popular online wordpress plugins such as WooCommerce. They would have many non-cached requests that could cause the servers to get ahead. However, these errors can happen to multiple website categories that consist of blogs and many more. Several hosting providers offer numerous capabilities to upgrade to an expensive tariff plan to sort out this issue. Even if this helps you solve this problem, it is not necessary to get ahead. 

7) Hire a WordPress Developer

In conclusion, the issues causing the website to be unresponsive can be numerous and sometimes hard to detect and resolve. Therefore, the best way to prevent this and fix the error promptly is to have a WordPress developer that will maintain your site and keep it up and running. As said at the beginning of the article, a timeout can cost you your customer’s trust and mess up your brand reputation. This can be much more costly than having a freelance developer do the heavy lifting for you. So if you are considering getting maintenance service, we strongly advise you to do so and read this guide on how to find a good WordPress developer to help you in the hitting process. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, there are multiple ways and methods to fix HTTP 504 gateway timeout errors on your WordPress site. Usually, this problem occurs with the server, and in such a situation, you’ll be required to contact your hosting provider to resolve your issue. However, it is important to know that they can also be accessed via third-party plugins on the queue or backlog overflow for the website developers. Also, you can learn more about HTTP status codes by reading online.

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