How To Hire A Remote Magento Developer: A Complete Guide

As the need for more and more eCommerce platforms crops up, the demand for adept Magento developers also sees a boom. Magento developers are the backbone of any up and running e-commerce platform or application and without them leading the charge, any fiscal transaction conducted online is set to doom. 

With the rise in companies creating their mark in all virtual spheres by developing websites and applications, the need to sell products and services virtually has augmented drastically.  

This in turn has led to the creation of safer e-commerce platforms that every customer can trust without fearing data leaks. In such scenarios, Magento developers come into play as they keep the websites functioning smoothly without causing any breaches. 

Let’s take a look at how the world is consuming Magento 

  • Magento powers 0.7% of the internet
  • Merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster on an average
  • Magento is the first choice of the world’s top 1000 retailers such as Adidas, Walmart, etc.
  • Over 400,00 business owners use the Magento layout

With these mind-boggling statistics, it’s clear that Magneto plays a key role in the e-commerce space and thus hiring them wisely is even more crucial. 

What to look for in a Magento developer?

  • Programming Languages: Any Magento developer who is true to his craft must know all the programming languages that go into the making of a website. PHP is a programming language that every Magento developer must have a good command over. Apart from that, a hold over other languages such as JavaScript, C++, Java and Ruby is a plus. Without the know-how of these programming languages, the developer can’t proceed with web and application development.
  • Certifications: To deploy a Magento eCommerce store, you need to hire a developer who is Magento 2 certified. This helps you segregate the pool of candidates and shortlist those who know the skill and have been certified rightly so. 
  • CMS Development: A Magento developer must have an overall understanding of how to execute projects and take them live. They need to put all their skills to use and should be able to execute the following:
    • Website Development
    • Shopping Cart Deve
    • Theme Development 
    • E-commerce Solutions
  • Magento 2: Magento 2 is a life-saver when it comes to e-commerce platform development. Every business makes use of it so it is imperative that the developer that you hire is not only Magento 2 certified but also up to date with the latest advancements and happenings. 
  • Problem-solving Skills: A seasoned Magento developer must have a knack for problem-solving as soon as a hurdle pops up. It helps not only to streamline the process but also fastrack things as you can freely rely on your Magento developer. It is a non-technical skill that is sought after in every profession and you too shouldn’t miss out on hiring a Magento developer who can work under stress. 
  • Knowledge Of JavaScript: After PHP if there is any programming language a Magento developer must be adept at it is JavaScript. It helps the developer understand the development processes more seamlessly and aids in adding more complex and customer-centric features. 

What engagement model should you prefer to hire a developer?

When hiring Magento developers, you need to assess what engagement models would you like to work on with them. Do you want to hire them on a project basis, create a dedicated remote team or just add them to your existing in-house team?

Here’s a deep dive into all the engagement models so that you can make your pick wisely:

  • Dedicated Teams: Dedicated teams are multidisciplinary remote teams that resemble your in-house team but don’t work on-site. Dedicated teams are built of all the possible developers, architects, engineers and analysts you’ll need to bring your projects to fruition. They work with you for the long term, reporting every daily activity to you and keeping you in the loop.
  • Staff Augmentation: Staff Augmentation is a great model to use when you need certain app developers who are wizards at specific tech languages and frameworks. Staff augmentation allows you to pick and choose which software developers you need rather than hiring an entire army and thus saves you a lot of time and trouble.
  • Project-based Outsourcing: Project-based outsourcing is for those who want to augment or rather hire an entire team for only a certain project and then terminate the contract. This model leverages more freedom to the client as they get to have a team that works for them for certain projects and can then be rehired if ever the need be. 

Where to look for developers?

  • Outsourcing Vendors: The best way to hire Magento developers is by outsourcing them through a third-party vendor. An outsourcing company allows you to onboard the best of talent at minimal costs without wasting time. All you need to do is set the deadlines, the number of deliverables and the type of developer you need and you’re all set. 
  • Gather Referrals: Word of mouth and referrals from people who have worked on similar projects and have gained satisfying results is one of the safest bets to hire a trusted Magento developer. You can ask around in your network and then see for yourself if the developer you come across is a fit for your project or not. 
  • Job Portals: Job portals are one the best places to hunt for talent. If you’ve nailed your job description, you are sure to get good candidates. But make sure to set the record straight in your job description itself. Map out what your Magento developer’s day would look like, what they are expected to do, etc. 


Hiring a remote Magento developer can be a tricky business but if you nail the search process, skimming through the available candidates would be a piece of cake. You can always turn to outsourcing if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the hiring and recruiting process. Outsourcing will not only save you time but also money all the while onboarding great talent. 

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