How To Install Magento 2.3 In Windows Using XAMPP

In this article, we will introduce you about How To Install Magento 2.3 In Windows Using XAMPP.

The installation is quite easy, please follow these steps:

Download Magento 2 and XAMPP

First, You should refer to Magento 2 version to select the appropriate XAMPP on Magento 2 DevDocs page. We will install Magento 2.3.3 with sample data.

Example: In Magento 2.3 technology stack requirements, This version requires Apache 2.4, MySQL (5.6 or 5.7), PHP (7.1.3, 7.2.x, 7.3)

Magento 2.3 technology stack requirements

Next, We will choose the XAMPP version based on the above requirements.

XAMPP choose version download

Then, we will choose XAMPP 7.2.26 because it meets the requirements of Magento 2.3.3.

You can also check out Magento 2.2 technology stack requirements:

Check out Magento 2.2 technology stack requirements

You can download Magento 2 and XAMPP here!

Install Magento 2 in Windows

After download, you install XAMPP and launch it.

Next, you create your folder in xampp\htdocs.

We recommend that you should name it easily
For example: magento233, magento233sd, magento229, …
“sd” = “simple data”.

Create folder in htdocs

After that, you unzip the downloaded magento file into the folder you just created.

Unzip Magento 2.3.3 to folder

Next, you start Apache and MySQL in XAMPP Control Panel.

Start Apache and MySQL in XAMPP Control Panel

Open your browser and enter address: localhost/”magento folder name”.

Example: I created folder Magento name is magento233sd. Then, I will access it with localhost/magento233sd/

Install Magento 2

In the first step install in Magento 2, you click Start Readiness Check.

Error magento 2 extension

If this error appears, you can fix it following:

Php Extension Check: to fix this error just XAMPP->(Apache)->Config->php.ini. Put “;” in front of them.


Here is a fix for older versions and fix in the new version of XAMPP isn’t also much different.
You do the same as above for the lines:

Fix PHP check error

Save it and then restart Apache in XAMPP.

After that, you can see it like this:

Fix error magento 2 extension

Click “Next” to go to step 2.

In this step, It will ask you to create a database. You access localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create a database.

Then you copy it to the database name in step 2.

Copy database name from phpmyadmin to install

For the next steps, you just need to fill in the information and then wait for the installation.

Installing Magento 2.3

Installation complete, it like this:

Install magento 2 successfully

So you have successfully installed Magento 2 on the localhost with XAMPP! Good luck!

If you encounter some errors after the installation is complete, you can refer to this article of us: How to fix some errors when installing Magento 2.3 in Windows.

This is How To Install Magento 2.3 In Windows Using XAMPP.

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