Magento 2 Tutorial For Beginners – Basic Guide

Magento 2 Tutorial For Beginners will hopefully help you understand with the source code. In this post, I will introduce the management of products, product catalogs, some commonly used functions. After getting used to it, I thought it would be much simpler.

Log in to the admin page

Log in to the admin page you use the account and password you entered when setting the default Magento when entering the admin section is “your domain”.com/admin.

Learn about admin page

After logging in, the browser will automatically switch to the Dashboard you just need to pay attention to the following items:

The most important is Catalog, when the installation is complete you need to update the catalog of products and products for the shop.

Manage Categories in Magento

Manage Categories helps you can add, edit, delete categories accordingly.

For example, in the photo, I added a new category to the “Shopping.” Click on the category “Shopping” and select Add Subcategory, fill in the information and then click Save Category.

Custom Design, you can choose to display 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc.

Category Products, remove or add updated products to the catalog.

Key URL is the static path (good for SEO).

Is Active select Yes.

Manage Products on Magento

To add a new product, go to Manage Products section Admin Panel -> Catalog -> Products -> Add Product.

Next step you can choose one of sections below.

Browse to the next step, fill in the product information and then click Save.

You can fill in the basic information about your product.

In addition, Magento 2 also has parts that can help you SEO more easily with Search Engine Optimization. To optimize it, you can refer to the article: Optimize SEO for Magento Website

This is Magento 2 Tutorial For Beginners

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