Magetop Advanced Review Extension Guide

Magetop Advanced Review Extension Guide will give you a solid understanding of how to use Extension. These Magento 2 tutorials cover back-end and front-end development.

I. Introduction

Magetop Advanced Review Extension

Magento 2 Advanced Reviews offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating. It allows your users to add a title and one or more attachments to their reviews. Furthermore, a summary is generated for each product with an indication of how many reviews have been written for each different rating.

Highlight features:

  • Enable Customers’ Ratings and Reviews for Products.
  • Customers can Attach Image With a Review.
  • Allow customers to Attach Videos with Review.
  • Users Can Reply the Customers’ Reviews.
  • Users can Reply Further to Your Comments.
  • Customers can Vote Up/Down and Flag Your Comments.

II. How to use

In the Review Tab on the Product Page, Customer can ratings and reviews for products.

Ratings and reviews for products

Allow submitting files while writing a review so that you can better understand customers’ experiences, opinions, and suggestions.

Attach Image With A Review

Customers can also attach the videos using URL with their reviews. You can also remove the video link from the back office.

Attach Videos With Review

To submit your review and rating, click Submit Review button.

Click Submit Review button

Users can reply to the customers’ reviews and users can reply further to your comments.

Users can reply to the customers’ reviews and users can reply further to your comments

Customers can vote up/down comments.

Vote up or vote down comments

III. How to configure

III.1. Configuration

Have two ways to go to the Configuration:

Way 1: Go to STORES -> Settings -> Configuration -> MAGETOP.COM -> Advanced Review Setting.

Go to Advanced Review Setting

Way 2: Go to ADVANCED REVIEW -> Configurations.

Go to Advanced Review Configurations

General Configuration

General Configuration
  • Enable Advanced Review: Select “Yes” to activate The Advanced Review module.
  • Make a Review on only Order Purchase: Select “Yes” to make a review on only order purchase.

III.2.1. Manage Review Comment

Go to ADVANCED REVIEW -> Manage Review Options.

Go to Manage Review Options

The Admin can search, filter on the table.

The Admin can search, filter on the table

Perform mass action on the table.

Perform mass action on the table

Perform action on the table.

Perform action on the table

Choose the number of items displayed in the table.

Choose the number of items displayed in the table

IV. Conclude

Above is our guide for Magetop Advanced Review Extension. If you have any questions please boldly contact us. We will help you. Thanks for reading.

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