Top 5 Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extensions

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extensions provide you a tool to customize stock statuses that helps you provide your clients with a detailed view of the stock status of each product. Increase revenue from attractive and diverse status labels. In this blog, We will introduce good quality extensions to help you make better choices. Here are Top 5 Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extensions.

1. Custom Stock Status by Amasty

Custom Stock Status for Magento 2 - Amasty

Use custom stock statuses to provide precise information about stock availability of particular products. Easily attract customers’ attention with catchy status icons.

Highlight features:

  • Create unlimited quantity of custom stock statuses.
  • Add statuses to products automatically or manually.
  • Create custom rules to quickly assign statuses to products.
  • Show out of stock options of configurable items.
  • Upload special icons for stock statuses.
  • Display quantity based stock statuses.

Price: $199.

2. Custom Stock Status by Aheadworks

[M2] Custom Stock Status - Aheadworks

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status is a tool for alerting customers on low stock alerts within your store and conducting customer behavior by pushing them to purchase.

Highlight features:

  • Place custom stock statuses on category and product pages, and in a shopping cart.
  • Assign custom statuses to specific product quantity ranges.
  • Design stock statuses with an icon, image, and text.
  • Subscribe customers to back-in-stock notifications.
  • Choose back-in-stock and low-stock alert templates.

Price: $199.

3. Custom Stock Status by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status extension - Mageplaza

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status allows store owners to add any stock status to any products. Custom Stock Status extension is the effective solution to provide customers with more details about product availability, while it helps stores increase sales considerably with attractive stock status labels.

Highlight features:

  • Create unlimited custom stock status.
  • Applying stock status label automatically.
  • Support all product types.
  • Stock status on various positions.
  • Beautify stock labels with images.

Price: $199.

4. Custom Stock Status by MageComp

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status - MageComp

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension by MageComp allows store owner replacing default Magento 2 stock status with precise and understandable stock statuses and your custom message about product availability.

Highlight features:

  • Show expected stock availability date/time for out of stock products.
  • Option to show custom stock status on category page as well.
  • Show shipping countdown based on order cut-off time.
  • Exclude holidays and weekends from shipping date.
  • Option to set custom threshold value & message.

Price: $79.

5. Custom Stock Status by MageAnts

Custom Stock Status For Magento 2 - MageAnts

The Magento 2 Custom Stock Status extension helps in providing appropriate and customizable information to the customers regarding the availability of a particular product. Using the extension, one can easily catch the attention of the customers by displaying proper messages and thus attracting them to make a purchase.

Highlight features:

  • Communicate with multiple custom stock statuses.
  • Assign statuses to products either automatically or manually.
  • Use catchy icons to show stock statuses.
  • ‘Out of Stock’ subscription for options of configurable products.
  • Display flexible quantity-based stock statuses.

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