How To Import Customers In Magento 2

In this post, I will guide you on How To Import Customers In Magento 2. Import offline customer data into your online store.

Customer data management is a very important job in the store administration from which to launch reasonable marketing activities. Magento 2 offers you a great tool that can be applied side by side in offline and online customer data management.

You can convert the customer data collected from your offline business into your online store with these simple steps:

Steps To Import Customers In Magento 2

1. First, you must make sure that your customer data has been imported into the CSV file as shown below:

Enter customer data to csv file

2. Log in to Admin Panel.

3. On the Admin Panel sidebar, go to SYSTEM > Data Transfer > Import.

Go to SYSTEM Data Transfer Import

4. In Entity Type drop-down, select Customers Main File.

In Entity Type drop-down select Customers Main File

5. Select Add/Update Complex Data in Import Behavior.

Select Add Update Complex Data in Import Behavior

6. Scroll down to File to Import section and choose the file you want to import customer data in Select File to Import.

Choose the file you want to import customer data

7. When you complete, click Check Data.

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