How To Configure Layered Navigation In Magento 2

Increase customer search experience in Catalog Page with Layered Navigation. This is a useful feature for a store with multiple products, you should enable it in the Admin Panel. In this post, I will guide you How To Configure Layered Navigation In Magento 2.

What is Layered Navigation?

Layered navigation makes it easy to find products based on category, price range, or any other available attribute. Layered navigation usually appears in the left column of search results and category pages and sometimes on the home page. The standard navigation includes a Shop By list of categories and price range. You can configure the display of layered navigation, including product count and price range.

Layered Navigation in Catalog Page

If your store has a very large number of products or a wide variety of products, it becomes difficult to find the product of customer manually, they will take a long time to find the product they want, they have you can leave before you find the product. This causes the bounce rate to increase, lose the chance to sell the product, the rate of purchase will decrease.

Fortunately, Magento supports the Layered Navigation feature which helps you to solve the above problem in a simple way.

Magento 2 Ajax Layered Navigation will enrich the Layered Navigation experience more quickly, improve many cumbersome default features such as stay on page after adding products to wishlist, cut down filtering time and eliminate wait time,…

Steps To Configure Layered Navigation In Magento 2

Step 1: Login to Admin Panel.

Step 2: Choose STORES -> Settings -> Configuration.

Choose Configuration on the left sidebar

Step 3: Select CATALOG -> Catalog in the left panel.

Select Catalog in the left panel

Step 4: Expand the Layered Navigation section.

Expand the Layered Navigation section

Step 5: Configure the Layered Navigation.

  • Display Product Count  – Set Yes to displays the number of products found for each attribute.
  • In the Price Navigation Step Calculation field, select one of the following:
    • Automatic (equalize price ranges)
    • Automatic (equalize product counts)
    • Manual
Select Price Navigation Step Calculation
  • Display Category Filter.

Step 6: Click to Save Config, and refresh cache.

Save Config Layered Navigation

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