Top 10 Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension allows customers can add products from the shopping page to the cart without reloading the page. With optimized pop-up, information about the product in your cart will be displayed along with related products and you can customize it. This extension will be a positive change for your online store.

With this blog, we will recommend the products that are highly appreciated. These products are widely used in e-commerce stores. Here are Top 10 Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions:

1. Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension by Magetop

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension by Magetop

Magento AJAX Cart is a Great Plugin that changes the default behavior of Magento Cart Page, allowing a buyer to see the Total price calculation when change the Quantity of a product, without need to manually click on “Update cart” button.

Highlight features:

  • Automatically reload and recalculate Cart using AJAX when quantity changes.
  • Show -/+ buttons around item quantity on cart page.
  • Show item quantity as select instead numeric field.
  • Show user confirmation when change item quantity to zero.
  • Allow to change/synchronize quantities in shop, minicart and single product pages.
  • Make the Add to cart button to perform with AJAX, without full page reload.
  • Faster AJAX reload call when change quantities in Cart page.
  • Option to lock quantity inputs to allow only change using plus and minus buttons.

Price: Free

2. Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart by Amasty

Magento 2 AJAX Shopping Cart by Amasty

Magento 2 AJAX add to cart extension provides comfortable shopping experience. Customers can easily select configurable options and edit items in the pop-up without wasting time on page reloads.

Highlight features:

  • Stylish Magento 2 AJAX cart pop-up.
  • Enhance your store performance with AJAX confirmation window.
  • Equip Magento 2 store with AJAX dialog window of 2 different types.
  • Support of custom options and configurable products.
  • Additional way to gently promote related items.
  • Fully optimized for mobile.

Price: 219$

3. Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by Tigren

Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by Tigren

The Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension will give you a fast and smooth add-to-cart process. Products can be added to shopping cart immediately without reloading the page. Remember that this little improvement in the buying process can make a huge change for your e-commerce store.

Highlight features:

  • Instantly add products to cart by using Ajax.
  • Support a variety of product types.
  • Show time countdown on the popup.
  • Display cart overview (number of items, subtotal).
  • Show related products for enhancing purchases.
  • Display product image matching selected attributes.
  • Close confirmation popup automatically.

Price: Free

4. Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by BSSCommerce

Perfectly optimize every Add to Cart click and urge your customers to buy more. When they click Add to Cart, a pop up promptly presents cart details and especially displays up-sell, cross-sell or related products. Boost your strength through this simple button, can’t be wiser.

Highlight features:

  • At Add to Cart button.
  • Revise Cart.
  • Boost Sale.
  • Responsive on mobile, tablet.
  • Set auto close popup due to a timer.
  • Work well with all types of products.
  • Popup appears when clicking ‘Add to Cart’ from Product Page, Catalog Page, Search Result Page, at any possible positions!

Price: 79$

5. Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro by Aheadworks

Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro by Aheadworks

Streamline add-to-cart function and remove interruptions from the shopping process.

Highlight features:

  • Add-to-cart pop-up: for selecting product options without going to product page.
  • Short description, rating and reviews: also available from the pop-up.
  • Mobile friendly: add-to-cart design adapts depending on a screen type.
  • Works for all product types: including bundle, grouped, and configurable products.
  • Integration tests: to check if extension functions properly within your environment.

Price: 219$

6. Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro Extension by CMSmart

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro Extension by CMSmart

Ajax Cart Pro Extension for Magento 2 is the best function to allow customers shopping quicker and more convenient.

Highlight features:

  • Add multiple products without reloading page.
  • Do not redirect to the product page.
  • Quickly update mini cart.
  • Confirmation dialog popup.
  • Support configurable products and custom options.
  • Works for all types of product.

Price: 93.08$

7. Magento 2 Ajax Cart by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Ajax Cart by Mageplaza

Magento 2 AJAX Cart extension which not only allows customers to preview the information of products faster but also enables them to add the items which they preferred to their carts without having to leave the current site. This solution will help improve the shopping experience of customers and increase conversion rates.

Highlight features:

  • Ajax improving shopping experience.
  • Ajax Add to cart.
  • Ajax Add to Wishlist/ Compare.
  • Quick view pop-up supported.
  • Lively animation effects.
  • Customize pop-up display.
  • Provide flexibility with selecting attributes via pop-ups.
  • Allow freely customizing to suit the store themes.
  • Display reviews and rating through a popup.

Price: 129$

8. Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart by Magebees

This is the perfect way to enable customers to shop more and increase your revenue! Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Extension allows buyers to add products to the shopping cart from any page without having to go to the specific product detail page. They can select product options via Ajax cart pop-up and avoid wasting time on annoying page reloads.

Highlight features:

  • Ensure faster shopping by allowing customers to add to cart via pop-up.
  • Customers can select product options in pop-up without going to product page.
  • You can enable/disable the module in home page.
  • You can show/hide related/up-sell/cross-sell products in product options pop-up.
  • You can show/hide product image in add to cart confirmation dialog box.
  • You can change the image of ajax load indicator.
  • You can choose the time-period for confirmation dialog box display.
  • The extension works for all product types including bundle, grouped, and configurable products.

Price: 69$

9. Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro Extension by Magezon

Rescue cart abandonment – Bring the power of AJAX to your Magento 2 checkout. Installing a Magento 2 AJAX Cart Pro extension to your site can make a world of difference in customer shopping journey. This kind of extension allows customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to reload each time adding items to cart or removing items from the cart.

Highlight features:

  • Make orders quickly and directly without page redirecting via popup
  • Easily customize popup.
  • Additional advertising – Suggest related products for cross-selling and up-selling purposes.
  • Support all types of products.
  • Display all necessary information in the popup.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Set countdown time to make the process even faster.

Price: 99$

10. Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart by MageAnts

Now forget waiting for page reloads, Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart Extension comes with the quickest and smoothest add-to-cart process which will allow your customers to add products to their cart without refreshing the page.

Highlight features:

  • Display stylish Magento 2 AJAX cart pop-ups
  • Allows you to enhance your store’s performance, usability and conversion rate
  • Promote related items to enhance the purchasing of products
  • Configure the number of products, its block title, type etc., to be displayed in the pop-up or dialogue box.
  • Set up pop-up closure time and animation effects
  • Allows you to provide your customers with an overview of their shopping cart.

Price: 89$

Here are the Top 10 Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions. We hope it will help to increase your e-commerce store.

Thank you for reading!

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