Top 10 Magento 2 Popup Extensions

Magento 2 Popup Extensions help your store stand out with a variety of beautiful popups. You can customize it to match the content you want to convey to your customers. In this blog, We will introduce good quality extensions to help you make better choices. Here are Top 10 Magento 2 Popup Extensions.

1. Popup by MageNest

MAGENTO 2 Popup - MageNest

Create beautiful popups in a fast and simple way with our pre-designed templates. Popups are helpful to make customers focus on the exact content you want and drive their decisions with CTA elements.

Highlight features:

  • Create unlimited popups.
  • Multiple trigger rules: after users spend X seconds on the page, after users scroll X% of the page after users view X pages on the website.
  • 5 popup types: Yes/No button, Subscribe Form, Social Sharing, Contact Form, Static Popup.
  • Display popup on any page.
  • Use WYSIWYG editor to edit the content of the popup.

Price: Free.

2. Popup by BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Popup - BSSCommerce

Pop-up for Magento 2 extension helps you create the eye-catching pop-up that is highly flexible and customizable for many purposes, such as promotion, notification, guideline, or newsletter. You decide where to display the pop-up, set display animation, and apply for customer groups or store views.

Highlight features:

  • Create different types of popup.
  • Set up display rule and pages.
  • Target popup to customer groups and store views.
  • Visible on pages up to 6 positions.
  • Offer 6 fascinating animations for pop-up.
  • Config valid date, cookie expire, timer for popup display.
  • Responsive on all devices.

Price: $99.

3. Popup Pro by Aheadworks

[M2] Popup Pro - Aheadworks

Magento 2 Popup Pro helps online merchants draw buyers’ attention to promo offers by means of highly customizable popups (with view to design, content, animation effects, position, etc.). Popup windows get triggered against the five events as provided by the extension. Admins are, furthermore, able to customize the trigger values that pinpoint the timing of each popup. Popups can be created for distinct store views and customer segments. Finally, they can be displayed on specified product pages.

Highlight features:

  • Display popups on catalog and product pages, at shopping cart and checkout.
  • Make popups visible with 7 animation effects and 9 predefined positions on a page.
  • Trigger popups upon a set period after the page load, exit intent, % of page scrolled, or the number of pages viewed.
  • Control the number of popup displays per customer.
  • Employ integration with Customer Segmentation to specify customers to happen upon the popup.

Price: $199.

4. Pop up by LandofCoder


Magento 2 Pop up Extension supports store Admin to create highly-targeted Pop-Ups for Magento site with editable pre-designed templates.

  • Receive constant new templates update with every future release.
  • Assist Magento store owners in keeping track with data log and pop up performance.
  • Comprising multiple pop up-triggering rules for managing moderately-used and well-controlled pop-up.
  • Support Yes/No verification under the form of pop up.
  • Support Contact form under the form of pop up.

Price: $89.

5. Exit Intent Popup by Amasty

Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 - Amasty

Employ Magento 2 Exit Intent Popup to convert abandoning store visitors into customers. Drive more sales and notably boost your subscriber base.

Highlight features:

  • Interact with abandoning customers via exit intent popup.
  • Retain customers with attractive offers and discounts.
  • Display exit popup on shopping cart and checkout pages.
  • Сustomize popup content easily.
  • Benefit from GDPR compliance.

Price: $199.

6. Better Popup/Exit Intent Popup by Mageplaza

Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 - Mageplaza

Mageplaza Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 improves customer retention and converts abandoning store visitors to customers/subscribers. With the support of exit-intent popups, online stores can draw attention to subscription, discount coupons and other content on their page.

Highlight features:

  • Flexibly display banners on every page.
  • Exit-intent pop-ups appear after configured time.
  • pop-ups reappear after configured time.
  • Restrict times to display pop-ups.
  • Premade pop-up templates.
  • Ajax submit subscriber.

Price: Free.

7. Popup by Meetanshi

Magento 2 Popup - Meetanshi

Magento 2 Popup extension enables generating and showcasing popups with the important action to retain visitors’ attention.

Highlight features:

Facilitates popups on various web pages.
Responsive popups for Magento 2.
Enable popups based on customer groups & store views.

Price: $49.

8. Popup by MageArray


Popup extension is a universal Magento 2 extension to pop up any HTML content, image or form on loading of the page or on specific customer action on your website.

Highlight features:

  • Image Link : you can set redirection link for the image so, through popup directly redirect on another page.
  • Popup Size : You can specify Height and Width of Popup.
  • You can configure effect for Show Popup and Close Popup.
  • Fully Configurable.

Price: $49.

9. Newsletter Popup & Exit Intent by WeltPixel


Build your email list, bigger, faster than ever before. You can create beautiful pop ups in minutes & start converting your website visitors into subscribers, social followers & customers. The extension comes with 4 conversion rate optimized responsive designs.

Highlight features:

  • Page level display – option to display popup only on homepage or on all other pages.
  • Well Timed Display – Using time delay triggers will increase newsletter engagement rate.
  • Display after a specific number of visited pages – allow user to engage with your website before asking for a subscription will increase the subscription rate.
  • Show only on Desktop or both Desktop and Mobile.
  • Popup Lifetime – dont’s hassle your customers. Popup will not be opened again until the Popup Lifetime period expires.

Price: Free.

10. Newsletter Popup by MageAnts


Add a very important marketing tool for lead generation on your website with this Magento 2 Newsletter Popup extension. Find the email addresses of people interested in your business industry and then use these ids to contact them and expand your business.

Highlight features:

  • Allow your website viewers to subscribe to your company’s newsletter easily.
  • Generate leads as well as stay in contact with your clients.
  • Use this Ajax-based popup system for speed and efficiency.
  • Display the popup right on the homepage of your website.
  • Admin can easily set popup when display on website loaded and display on page scroll.

Price: $59.

This is the end of the Top 10 Magento 2 Popup Extensions.

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