How To Set Magento 2 Search Weight

Improved search for products based on attribute priority. In this post, I will guide you on How To Set Magento 2 Search Weight.

Set search weight helps properties with higher priority than others when appearing in search results. This will enhance the customer experience, help customers find the necessary items, thereby improving sales for the store.

Magento 2 defaults to 10 levels of search weight from 1-10 where 1 is the lowest weight and 10 is the highest weight. For example, if there are two attributes in the system, color with a search weight of 3 and description with a search weight of 1. A search for the word red returns a list of products with a color attribute value of red but does not return products with descriptions that contain the word red. In this example, the color attribute has a greater defined weight than the description attribute.

Steps To Set Magento 2 Search Weight

Step 1: Log in to Admin Panel.

Step 2: On the Admin Panel sidebar, go to Stores > Attributes > Product.

Choose Store Attributes Product

Step 3: Find the attribute in the list and click on it to open edit mode.

Find the attribute in the list

Step 4: In the left panel, choose Storefront Properties.

Choose Storefront Properties

Step 5: Set Search Weight.

Set Search Weight
  • Set Use in Search to Yes to include the attribute in search queries.
  • Set Search Weight to a number from 1 to 10, where 10 has the highest priority. If no value is entered, all attributes default to a search weight of 1.

Step 6: Click Save Attribute button when complete.

This is the end of the How To Set Magento 2 Search Weight.

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