What is Black Friday?

BlackFriday is gaining popularity globally and is welcomed by many people. This article will help you have a better understanding of what BlackFriday is and its related aspects.

What’s the special about Black Friday? There are two origins that are said to form the present-day Black Friday or Black Friday. There are also many other sources. But I only choose 2 that seem reasonable and relevant to this day . One is from the old days, to distinguish it for convenience when keeping track of books. Accountants in the US will  usually write profits in black ink and losses in red ink. Therefore, if you look at the report and see the black color, it does not mean that you are making a profit, on the contrary, the red color is a loss. So many businesses, especially small businesses, hope to be marked in black ink, on this Black Friday. In addition, Black Friday is also considered the opening day for the Christmas shopping season (Noel) or subsequent promotions such as Cyber ​​Monday, Cyber ​​Week. What is Cyber ​​Monday and what is Cyber ​​Week, I will explain in another article.

The second is from January 1966. “Black Friday” is the name that was used by the Philadelphia police department to refer to the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving. To talk about massive traffic jams and sidewalks overflowing with shops and shoppers . When it comes to Black Friday, one must immediately think of discount promotions. Almost all items are on sale this Black Friday. The average price reduction of items is from 10% to 30%. However, there will be promotions with very high discounts. This is your chance to shop. Hunt for cheap goods. Department of branded goods with cheaper prices than usual .

Therefore , it is very normal for countless people to flock to supermarkets or shops to buy cheap goods these days. Even all roads or streets in the US are crowded with people to take advantage of shopping during this Black Friday. Not just people in America. Black Friday today is also available in countries such as the UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, France, Norway, Spain,… So what day of the year is Black Friday or Black Friday? Black Friday or Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. As for what Thanksgiving is, see in the article. Here I am only talking about the time of Thanksgiving which is on the 4th Thursday in November.

Black Friday is the most awaited occasion of the year because you can buy many items at unbelievable “bargain” prices. But in order not to be confused among the “forest” of discount goods, you should be equipped with smart sales-hunting experiences.

Here are some great tips to help you become a “sales master” during Black Friday:

Have a shopping strategy

With deep discount times like Black Friday, a shopping strategy is essential for shopping “believers”. Shopping strategically will help you spend the least amount of time and money, and at the same time feel that your effort is completely worth it.

You should clearly define your needs, then categorize the items you need to buy such as: favorite items, important items, special brand items, gifts for friends and family, … to From there, make a priority list of items to buy during the shopping season.

Make a list of things to buy

Among dozens of brands with all kinds of products, it is easy for you to “smuggle up and import ghosts” leading to buying unsatisfactory items.

To avoid this, make a detailed list of the items you need to buy. During Black Friday, you will be distracted by too many favorite 

items on sale, but prioritize items that you see a clear purpose for. Because of that, you will avoid the “bitter” situation of having to buy things and then throw them away, both wasting money and wasting time.

Avoid buying too much at once

The general psychology of consumers is “the more you buy, the more you save”. However, keep in mind that most promotional items are products that are in stock, are about to expire or are waiting for liquidation to enter new models. If you buy too much, it is easy to encounter an unused condition that has expired.

Therefore, if you want to buy bargains, then pay attention to products with long-term value such as electronics, fashion, accessories… As for household goods, they are items. Limited-time items and frequent discounts should only be purchased in moderate quantities.

Choose the smartest shopping time

Don’t wait until Black Friday to start shopping. Because on Black Friday, shopping sites often launch programs from 3-5 days before the discount through online channels such as websites, facebook, email,… Therefore, you should regularly monitor the promotions. this information channel to update promotion information.

According to shoppers who specialize in Black Friday discounts, the first few days are always the day with the best products because there are not too many customers to choose from.

Choose a reputable brand

The mass discount of products from many brands makes the real story confusing, floating goods mixed is inevitable.

Therefore, you should choose reputable brands. With popular products such as clothing, electronics, and household appliances, priority should be given to well-known brands. You can listen to more advice from the staff to buy quality products and avoid buying fake goods.

Prioritize the “gut” brand

In the midst of the Black Friday battle, it’s easy for us to “miss our steps”, every store wants to step in, every brand wants to see. But you should give priority to your favorite brands.

These are brands where you have already bought a lot of things you like before, have products that are very suitable for you, so the success rate of shopping at these locations must be higher than with other strange places.

Should buy at supermarkets, commercial centers

On Black Friday, instead of going to stores that retail each product individually, you should choose complexes such as supermarkets, commercial centers, and electronic shopping platforms.

There are many products here to make your selection easier. This saves you a lot of time searching and ensures efficient hunting.

Find out the discount information carefully in advance

We can’t trust that the manufacturer has frantically reduced the price of the item just because of Black Friday. Of course, there will be gimmicks. Besides many real discounted items, there are still many products that have been raised 2-3 times higher and then reduced virtual prices to deceive customers.

There are also many products for sale at a discount of 75-99%, but all of them are out of stock within seconds of opening. Many users left comments saying that these promotions are only for viewing purposes, not real.

Therefore, in addition to having a smart shopping strategy, you should survey the prices of products before buying, even before each sale begins. You should choose promotional goods when you know their old prices in advance instead of just focusing on “noisy” information such as 50%, 70% reduction, …


Currently, Black Friday has become a familiar holiday for people around the world. Black Friday has the potential to be of great help to disadvantaged families who do not have much money to buy at normal prices. Customers will buy products cheaper, and businesses can bring their products out to sell faster. If you are interested in finding other similar information, please contact us at https://www.magetop.com/contacts for direct access to new knowledge.

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