Key Factors For Success in eCommerce Website

E-commerce store are looking for automated, web-based solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Businesses must have a professional e-commerce website to compete and grow. From optimizing website speed to writing compelling content, here are Key Factors For eCommerce Website to maximize your profits.

1. Modern and beautiful website interface

Modern and beautiful website interface

The first impression when customers access your website is the design interface. Beautiful or ugly, it depends on the individual, but there are some common standards for a nice and professional e-commerce website.

A beautiful website will look modern, without too many intricate details, the color scheme harmonizes around the main color of the business (logo).

Parts and layouts are allocated and streamlined, for customer convenience. Homepage needs to be invested the most because this will be the first place visitors visit. Sub-pages can then be designed to be simple and logical.

2. Responsive with all device

We live in the era of smartphones, with more than half of the website traffic coming from mobile devices, Google will go first on mobile devices. Ecommerce websites must be mobile ready if they want to appear in search engines.

Your website needs to be customized with every device that customers use to access it, which will create a better user experience, and the website interface will not be distorted or distorted.

Responsive with all device

On the business side, this will also create convenience for the sales people themselves when they can be more flexible in introducing products to customers.

The fact that making mobile e-commerce websites is the most important standard. It is a unique selling proposition. There are also things you can do to increase conversion rates on your mobile device.

3. Protect customer information with SSL

Put simply, an SSL certificate means that no one can endanger your customer information. When a customer visits a website and the URL is https: // Instead of http: // it means that it is secured by SSL. SSL certificate brings a strong encryption to your desk and ensures visitors about website’s credibility. Either you purchase comodo ssl certificate or any other type of SSL cert, you will get the same level of security level. There are different SSL certificate providers that can offer you huge discount on your purchase.

Customers will receive a clear warning when they come to your site saying they are not protected. They will be turned off by an insecure commercial platform or may not be able to access your site. As a result, your sales will decline.

Protect customer information with SSL

In addition, SSL is also very important for SEO. Google cares about whether users are protected while visiting your site.

For this reason, you will need to submit two sitemaps to Google’s webmaster tools: one for the version of http:// the version of your website and the other for the version of https:// The version confirms to Google that your site is secure and available to be indexed.

4. Optimize images for SEO

Image loading speed is very important in general, but for commercially heavy image websites, this is very important for your business.

Optimize images for SEO

Fast image loading time is important for two reasons:

Your customers are busy and need to move quickly. If you slow down their order process, they will abandon their cart.

The faster the download speed of your images, the faster your site will load.

The smaller your image file size, the faster it will upload. The trick is to reduce file size while maintaining quality. The secret lies in how you save photos. You can use Photoshop to select the Save for Web option, then choose .jpg with 80 KB image quality to compress standard web quality.

5. Interesting content

Interesting content

From the homepage to the product description, try to keep your customers lingering for as long as possible.

Provide accurate and useful information to customers, provide solutions and answer their questions.

Things like this may seem small, but they really help drive conversions on your site. Attractive content builds brand loyalty. The action content motivates your customers to place orders.

The best way to write engaging website content:

– On your homepage, point out and highlight your unique selling propositions. What differences are there on your e-commerce site that your competitors are lacking?

– Provide clear and concise instructions so that visitors do not get confused about how to order.

– Create brand loyalty and truly connect customers.

This is one of the most important elements of Key Factors For eCommerce Website to increase traffic to your site

6. Personalize customer experience

Personalize customer experience

It is important to have a highly customizable backend feature – and it is equally important for your customers to have a personalized experience. With unique offers you’ll want to introduce visitors to the right categories and ordering options.

Factors to personalize customer experience:

– Create a buyer character (also known as Ideal Customer Avatar) for your brand so you can have a clear vision of what they want.

– Keep your brand and media channels consistent across all platforms and at every step of the buying journey.

– Start small experiments then measure the indicators.

– Increase website rankings on search engines. You will know when to get more SEO traffic and more business referrals.

In short, the happier your customers are, the more money you make and the faster your business will grow.

You can refer to here: How to Speed Up Magento 2 Website to help increase the user experience.

It comes to the end of the blog: Key Factors For eCommerce Website.

We hope this is useful blog for you.

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