How to Configure FedEx Shipping Method in Magento 2

Magento 2 is an advanced e-commerce platform that provides a wide range of shipping methods to its users. One of the most popular shipping methods used by Magento 2 store owners is FedEx. FedEx is a global courier and logistics company that provides fast and reliable shipping services to businesses of all sizes.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of configuring the FedEx shipping method in Magento 2. By following the steps outlined below, you can easily set up and customize the FedEx shipping method to meet the specific needs of your business.

Step 1: Create a FedEx Account and Obtain the Required Keys

To use the FedEx shipping method in Magento 2, you need to have a FedEx account. If you don’t have a FedEx account, you can create one by visiting the FedEx website and following the registration process.

To access the FedEx web services page, go to and scroll down to the “Develop & Test” section. From there, click on the “GET STARTED” button to begin the registration process and access the FedEx API documentation.

Create a FedEx Account

You will be directed to the login page. If you don’t have an account yet, please sign up for one. Once you have logged in, click on the “GET YOUR TEST KEY” button to obtain your test key.

Obtain the Required Keys

To obtain your test key, you will need to provide accurate and complete information as requested by FedEx. Select the country and click “Continue” to proceed.

After completion, you will receive important codes for configuration. Please keep the following information: Test Key, Test Account, and Test Meter. Then, check your email to receive: Test URL, Test Password, and FedEx Hub ID.

Test Key, Test Account, and Test Meter.
Test URL, Test Password, and FedEx Hub ID (in Email).

Step 2: Configure FedEx Settings in Magento 2

Once you have created a FedEx account, you can proceed with configuring the FedEx settings in Magento 2. Here are the steps to follow:

Enable FedEx

Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel. Navigate to STORES -> Configuration -> Sales -> Delivery Methods -> FedEx.

Configure FedEx Shipping in Magento 2
  • Enabled for Checkout: Enable the FedEx shipping method for checkout by setting the Enabled to Checkout option to Yes.
  • Title: Enter a relevant title for the FedEx shipping method to be displayed at checkout.
  • Account ID: Enter your Test Account Number.
  • Meter Number: Enter your Test Meter Number.
  • Key: Enter your Developer Test Key.
  • Password: Enter your Test Password (in Email).
  • Sandbox Mode: If you want to test the FedEx shipping method, set Sandbox Mode to Yes. Otherwise, set it to No.
  • Web-Services URL (Production): Enter your Test URL (in Email).

Configure other options

Configure FedEx Shipping in Magento 2
  • Packages Request Type: Choose the appropriate option for Packages Request Type based on how multiple shipments will be carried.
  • Packaging: Choose the type of packaging for shipping the products.
  • Dropoff: Choose the desired option for Dropoff as the pick-up option for delivery.
  • Weight Unit: Choose units of Pounds or Kilograms.
  • Maximum Package Weight: Set the maximum allowable weight for the package.
  • Calculate Handling Fee: Set the handling fee calculation as Fixed or Percent.
  • Handling Applied: Choose how the handling fee will be calculated Per Order or Per Package.
  • Handling Fee: Enter the Handling Fee you want.
  • Residential Delivery: To enable Residential Delivery for B2C shipments, select Yes. Conversely, for B2B shipments, set it to No.
Configure FedEx Shipping in Magento 2
  • Allowed Methods: Select the methods you want to offer to your customers for shipping.
  • Hub ID: Provide the FedEx Hub ID (in Email), if required, for Smart Post method.
  • Free Method: Select the method of free shipping you wish to provide, or choose None if you do not intend to offer free shipping.
  • Enable Free Shipping Threshold: To establish a minimum quantity for free shipping, set it to enable and input the minimum value in the Free Shipping Amount Threshold field.
  • Displayed Error Message: Enter a message to be shown in case FedEx Shipping is unavailable.
Configure FedEx Shipping in Magento 2
  • Ship to Applicable Countries: Choose between allowing shipment to All Countries or only Specific Countries.
  • Ship to Specific Countries: If you choose Specific Countries, select the country from the list.
  • Debug: To generate a record of all the interactions between your store and FedEx, set it to Yes.
  • Show Method if Not Applicable: To display all shipping methods, even when they are not applicable to the order, set it to Yes. Otherwise, set it to No.
  • Sort Order: Input the FedEx display order at checkout.

Finally, save the configuration changes by clicking on Save Config.

Configure the Origin in Shipping Settings

To ensure that your shipping rates are accurate, it’s important to configure the origin address for your shipments. Also in the Sales section select Shipping Settings -> Origin.

Configure Origin Shipping in Magento 2

Enter the correct information for your shipment’s origin, then select Save Config to save your changes.

Step 3: Test the FedEx Shipping Method

After configuring the FedEx shipping method in Magento 2, it’s important to test it to ensure that it’s working correctly.

To test your FedEx shipping method, add a product to your cart, proceed to checkout, enter a shipping address, select FedEx as the shipping method, verify the calculated rates and fees, complete the checkout, and ensure the order is processed accurately.

Test the FedEx Shipping Method

If everything is working correctly, your customers should be able to choose FedEx as a shipping method during checkout and receive their orders in a timely and reliable manner.


In conclusion, configuring the FedEx shipping method in Magento 2 is a simple process that can be completed in just a few easy steps. By offering FedEx shipping services to your customers, you can provide them with a fast and reliable shipping experience, which can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. So, if you want to take your Magento 2 e-commerce store to the next level, consider adding the FedEx shipping method to your list of available shipping options.

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