How To Allow Guests To Write Reviews In Magento 2

If you are selling online, allowing guests to write reviews of products they bought or sent back is essential. In this post, I will guide you How To Allow Guests To Write Reviews In Magento 2.

Recent reports have found that the majority of potential shoppers take the time to read product reviews before making a buying decision, demonstrating the importance of reviews in selling online.

Creating an objective evaluation environment that encourages customers to leave their reviews when buying has many benefits such as increasing SEO value, improving shopping experience, helping customers quickly make decisions, social media impact.

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Steps To Allow Guests To Write Reviews In Magento 2

Step 1: Login to Admin Panel.

Step 2: Choose STORES -> Settings -> Configuration.

Step 3: Select CATALOG -> Catalog in the left panel.

Select CATALOG -> Catalog in the left panel

Step 4: Expand the Product Reviews section.

Expand the Product Reviews section

Step 5: Set “Yes” to Enabled and Allow Guests to Write Reviews.

Set Yes to Enabled and Allow Guests to Write Reviews

Step 6: When complete, click Save Config button.

Click Save Config button

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