The Best Magento 2 Extensions For An Ecommerce Startup (Part 1)

Are you looking for a solution for your online store? Which are useful extensions for your eCommerce website? etc. Those are probably questions you are interested in. In this blog, I will suggest useful extensions for you. These extensions are the best magento 2 extensions for an eCommerce startup.

First, want to your customers have better purchasing experience, completing all checkout process in one step, saving time for your customers. Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension is one of the best magento extensions. This Extension will response to all your requirements.

OneStepCheckout Main Page

Magento 2 One Step Checkout and Layouts will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate page for payment. Above all it compliments all the features of cart page into checkout page like user can change quantity and remove products at same page using ajax.

Main features:

  • Complete checkout steps on one page.
  • Responsive design, optimized for PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • Billing & Shipping Details, Shipping & Payment Section.
  • Allows/Supports Gift Wrap, Gift Message, Comments and Delivery Time.
  • Order review and change quantity section.
  • Coupon apply & Place order.

Sometimes, customers want add a large amount of products to the cart. But their waste many times adding products manually. Magento 2 Quick Order Extension allows customers to quickly order products in bulk without navigating the product pages. Simply enter the SKU or NAME, Quantity to add items to cart and special feature is import products to cart with a CSV file. It is very necessary for your store.

Quick Order Main Page
Quick Order Search

Main features:

  • Allow customers to purchase products from a single page.
  • Customers can search product using SKU or Name.
  • The customer can update the quantity of the product on the quick order page.
  • Add multiple different products to quick order.
  • Display subtotal value and total order value on the quick order page.
  • Bulk add products to cart directly or via a CSV file.

Next, Magento 2 Auto Invoice and Shipment Extension is save time to create invoice manual and payment transaction. This extension generates invoice and shipment process to customers automatically after their order placed.

Auto Invoice and Shipment des2
Auto Invoice and Shipment des3

Main features:

  • Automatically create invoices and shipments process.
  • Confirmation email of invoices and shipment send to the customer automatically.
  • Generates invoice and shipment process to customers automatically after their order placed.
  • Auto Invoice and Shipment Magento 2 extension specially use for offline payment methods.
  • Helps to make order process quick and automatically.
  • Easy to install and configure with your store.
  • Enable/Disable extension from the backend.

When shopping, customers have many questions about your product and service and you spend a lot of time to answer their questions. It affects other operations of the store. Magento 2 FAQ Extension will solve this problem. This is an awesome module, Admin can create unlimited, update, delete FAQs and FAQ categories. The interface is easy to use. This extension is the best FAQ extension for your business. In the business, times equals money while there are always thousands of questions in a customer’s mind both before and after purchasing. Thus, the faster answers, the happier customers, the more successful business.

FAQ Categories Page
FAQ Manage View
FAQ Categories Manage

Main features:

  • Advanced Search for FAQs.
  • Filter the FAQs via Category.
  • The page detail about FAQ.
  • Vote on the FAQ page.
  • URL rewrite standard for SEO.

Finally, customers get product sent from your store and they notice your product has problem. Your customers want to return or exchange products. You should integrate an extension to meet their requirements. Magento 2 RMA Extension allows the customer to create return request for the purchased products. Return merchandise authorization module also allow guest user for RMA form. A customer can create a shipping label for return/exchange products.

RMA System Customers Details
RMA System Details

It comes to the end of the blog: The best Magento 2 extensions for an eCommerce startup (Part 1)

We hope this is useful blog for you.

Let’s look forward to other extensions for an eCommerce startup in part 2!

Thank you for reading!

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