Magento 2 Lazy Loading Extension

Lazy Loading is one of the most feature-rich plugins which allows your website to run faster than its original speed. It does so by optimizing the images of your website. The plugin is extremely popular and is used by thousands of users from all across the world. It will reduce the size of your images to 80% of its original size. The plugin helps your magento website loads extremely fast.

  • Full Page Cache.
  • Combine and minify javascript and CSS files.
  • HTML minification.
  • GZip compress the combined files.
  • Generate sprite to combine background images.
  • Ability to exclude files from combining to resolve conflicts.
  • Defer/Load combined javascript file asynchronously.
  • Lazy load images... Read More
Version v2.1.5
CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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This plugin provides all the front end optimizations you need to optimize your website download speed. These optimizations are applied automatically by the plugin based on how it’s configured and reduce both your webpage size and the number of http requests required to download your webpages and results in reduced server load, lower bandwidth requirements, and faster page loading times.

Lazy Loading For Magento 2 Features :

  • All devices covered.
  • Fast processing.
  • All screen sizes supported.
  • Compatible with page builders.
  • Image CDN supported.
  • Lossless & lossy optimization.
  • Works with weak connection speeds.
  • Add watermarks to your images.
  • Easy tracking and monitoring.
  • Retina images and WebP supported.
  • Custom Magento plugin.
  • Lazy loading supported.

What Is The Use Of This Module and Why Should I Use It ?

We all know how frustrating it becomes when we have to wait long for a particular website to load completely. Most of the times this lag is caused by the loading of the images on the website. These tons of images can lead to a slow website and an irritating user experience. No business wants to slow down its website and to lower the number of images is also not very much applicable as visuals create impressions.

To speed up a Magento website, a technique known as the lazy load can be tried on the websites. Lazy Load is used by sites to delay or slow down the loading of images so that the complete website can be loaded fast. Loading all the images at one time can lead to a slower loading time for a website. So, lazy loading is used to make a website load faster. The images are loaded when a user wishes to see them.

Improve your page loading speed

Improve your page loading speed

Lazy Load Ultimate offers a simple but efficient tool to optimize your site performance and improve the page loading speed of your Magento® (M2) webshop.

Instead of preloading images when a page is opened, the extension delays the loading process until images enter the user's viewport or visible area of the webpage.

By loading images 'on demand', Lazy Load Ultimate makes your store pages load much faster, which will improve Google page ranking and reduce your server's bandwidth usage at the same time.

Various placeholders and loading effects

Instead of using a generic placeholder image like other comparable plugins, Lazy Load Ultimate can show a transparent, blurred or low resolution placeholder when loading images.

By default the transparent placeholder is used which is great for improving your Google Lighthouse results. The extension's unique blur effect shows a smooth loading transition from blurred placeholder to focused full-size image, while the low resolution placeholder can be shown as blurred or pixelated.

 Various placeholders and loading effects
 Better webshop performance

Better webshop performance

Because Lazy Load Ultimate has been recently optimized for the Google Lighthouse auditing tool, the plugin will significantly improve the performance of your store pages and consequently the page ranking of your Magento® (M2) webshop in Google as well.

For a quick demo of the faster page loading speed achieved with Lazy Load Ultimate, simply browse through our website to see the plugin live in action.


Customer Reviews

  1. High Loading Page review by Johny on 1/25/2020
    Developer Support
    Functions as Described

    Your product is the same as you described and works perfectly on my Magento 2 Store. My store Speed improves immediately. Thanks a lot :)

  2. All features work well as your promise review by Ruizon on 8/2/2019
    Developer Support
    Functions as Described

    Magento 2 Lazy Load extension fit well on my clothing sites and every feature is smooth as described. Totally satisfied and thanks!

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